Taking care of our feet should not be taken lightly. Without it, we can never walk nor run, or move from one place to another. But how do we take care of our feet? Proper foot care can go a long way in keeping our feet healthy. Consult a podiatrist to learn more about proper foot care. Dr. Paul Klein is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot disorders.

We should keep in mind these everyday foot care tips to help enlighten us on what we should do for foot care.

Thoroughly wash and dry the feet every day. Good feet hygiene is the primary way to take care of your feet. Take note that you should also clean those areas in-between the toes and keep your toenails trimmed and short.

You can also use a moisturizer if you think that your feet is starting to become dry and if there are any signs of cracking or dryness. However, you should avoid putting moisturizer in between your toes. Any cream or lotion that is left on that area will cause growth of fungi and bacteria. It can also cause too much softening of the skin if applied in between your toes.

Shoes and socks are very important for foot pain and foot treatment. If you are looking out for a pair of shoes to buy, look for the correct size – never too tight and never too lose. Just snuggly fitted. Do your shoe shopping during late afternoon because the shoes will settle and swell into its fullest size by then.

Avoid wearing flip flops or high heels as they can lead to foot problems such as corns and calluses among many others. You will know what good pair of shoes is if it pads the soles of your feet and it supports your ankles and arches.

For socks, make wearing a daily habit if you are wearing closed-toe shoes. Though it will make you feel hot especially during the summer, it will help absorb the sweat and moisture on your feet. Without socks there will be a sweat build-up in a non-ventilated closed-toe shoe which can lead to fungal problems and the

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