Women who love high heels find bunions unacceptable because the big toe joint is further misaligned from the shape of these fashionable shoes. Therefore the front of the foot or forefoot becomes unstable allowing a structural change in the bones. Bunions have a genetic predication which is further compromised by the choice of shoe gear. Sometimes limb shortening, scoliosis of the spine and muscle tightening in the lower extremity can contribute to the causes of bunion formation.

For some people bunions are an impediment for proper gait and shoe gear. For others they’re painful. For all they are deforming.

During a career of over 40 years Dr. Klein has performed many of the over 100 known bunion procedures. Measuring patient success over the last 4 decades, Dr. Klein has combined the knowledge and techniques of surgeons from around the United States, France and Germany to offer patients the “Bunion Makeover.” Today the advancements of modern medicine allows a person with a bunion to return to the lifestyle of their choosing. No longer is the need for casts, crutches, or wheelchairs needed in the post operative period when correction is performed.

All “bunion makeover” patients are offered local anesthesia or regional with sedation in a same day surgical setting. Plastic surgery techniques are utilized to allow for an appealing surgical scar on the inside of the foot incision with very fine sutures. A thorough examination is performed of the bunion including in office digital radiography. A full explanation of your bunion will be reviewed with you and all your questions will be answered by the doctor.  Based upon the type of bunion deformity present the most advanced bunion treatment will be performed. For all bunion makeover procedures you can expect to walk immediately in a postoperative shoe and for most to be in an athletic shoe in one week. Best results are from a partnership of patient and doctor interaction

Dr. Paul Klein has successfully performed countless numbers of bunion makeover surgeries with patients returning to their shoes and normal lives. If you or a friend has a bunion that has not been relieved by over the counter products or has experienced less than optimal results from prior medical care then call Dr. Klein at 973-595-1555.