Children’s foot problems should be recognized as early as possible so that they don’t develop into a worsened condition. While children are affected by many of the same foot problems as adults, there are certain conditions that pertain specifically to children, many of which develop during the first few years of life. At North Jersey Podiatry, we are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of children’s foot, ankle, and leg problems.

Some of the foot problems most commonly affecting children include:

  • Clubfoot- Clubfoot involves the foot turning inward to the side, resembling the head of a golf club. This condition can affect one or both feet and is usually present at birth, although the cause is unknown.
  • In-toeing- Also known as pigeon toes, in-toeing involves walking with the feet turned inward. This condition usually occurs between 8 and 15 months, when the child begins to walk, and usually affects both legs.
  • Heel Pain- Pediatric heel pain is often caused by a disorder called calcaneal apophysitis, and is most common in children between the ages of 8 and 14 years old. Unlike adult heel pain that tends to improve as the day goes on, pediatric heel pain is often worse with walking and activity.

Once your child begins walking you may notice one foot or limb turning in or out with a drooping of their shoulder. Sometimes a foot develops into a “C-shape” or has too high or too flat an arch. These problems are evaluated with a hands on exam and radiographs. A diagnosis and treatment plan is always provided.

Once your child reaches soccer or little league age heel pain may develop. A full evaluation will determine the swiftest non-surgical course of action. Hereditary factors may contribute to biomechanical etiologies such as shortened toes, webbed toes, and toe walking or club foot.

Sports usually highlights problems in young people who refrain from participation due to foot, ankle, or leg problems. Young people tend to shy away from activities that produce pain or discomfort


At North Jersey Podiatry, Dr. Paul Klein has 40 years of experience treating children. Knowing the best treatment options over the past four decades gives parents the relief in knowing that the best treatment options are being offered at our office. Many past treatments that were invasive have been developed into becoming minimally invasive. Whether using lasers, diagnostic ultrasounds, stem cell injections, carbon fiber orthotics or internal foot bracing, the most successful options will be evaluated for treatment of your child’s foot problem.

Your child will always be treated with respect and their problem explained to them in a language they will understand. Eliminating the white coat fear is our job to make their visit as comfortable as possible. If your child is experiencing pain or discomfort in their foot or feet, contact us today to schedule an appoint for your child.