North Jersey Podiatry is proud to offer patients a new alternative to the care presently offered at local wound care centers.

If you’re a diabetic with a foot, ankle or lower leg wound that hasn’t healed in 2 weeks than you should call us today.

Each patient is individually evaluated from their wound status to their neurologic and vascular status. Wounds do not heal in the absence of decreased blood flow. Working with an endovascular specialist and utilizing stents and lasers, blocked arteries are re-opened providing the necessary flow to heal your wound.

Dr. Paul Klein is a highly trained lower extremity physician who can utilize the following substitutes:

  • Stem cell applications
  • Amniotic skin substitutes
  • Bioengineered skin substitutes

In addition, our in-office care therapies include:

  • Multilayer Compression
  • Lymphedema pumps
  • Debridement
  • Off Loading therapies-I Walk 2.0; Total contact cast; Crow boots, custom orthotics and shoes

When a wound penetrates to expose bone the severity of this condition requires the skill that Dr. Paul Klein has obtained over several years of specialized training. Dr. Paul Klein is one of very few surgeons in New Jersey to convert an open bone infected wound that is limb threatening into a healed viable limb.

Using Orthoplastic techniques, Dr. Paul Klein applies a multi-specialty approach that will work towards resolving the bone and soft tissue infection, stabilize joints that are misaligned, and create a soft tissue flap to reconstruct the tissue loss. Our aim is to preserve and retain your limb

For more information relating to wounds or to have your specific problem reviewed by Dr. Paul Klein, contact us or call 973-595-1555.