Orthotics are shoe inserts that correct the way the foot moves while standing, walking, running or playing a sport. In addition to making these activities more comfortable and efficient, orthotics treat problems with the feet, ankles, knees, hips or back that are due to abnormal movements of one or both feet. They Custom Orthotic Insertoffer a conservative yet effective approach to treating certain foot and ankle problems and controlling movement after foot surgery.

Orthotics are designed to either alter foot function, protect the foot, or both. They may be rigid, to control movement; soft, to absorb shock, improve balance and ease pressure on sore spots; or semi-rigid, with dynamic layers of rigid and soft materials, to assist athletes. There are orthotics for children and orthotics to fit a variety of sports footwear such as skates and ski boots.

Sometimes, over-the-counter inserts are enough to improve the problem. For all other cases, our physicians will conduct an examination and make a cast of your foot in order to construct custom-made orthotics to fit your individual feet for the most effective results.