When a pitcher winds up and flings his body, an incredible amount of dexterity is required to achieve the best velocity for pitches. And this places a person at high risk for injury. Most of the injuries among athletes happen in the feet.

Whether it is a really serious fracture that can sideline the athlete or something as simple as turf toe, these foot injuries will still lead to pain and frustration. No matter what the sport the athlete is in, it still requires the use of his feet. This is why foot therapy is essential in keeping athletes healthy. Consult a podiatrist for proper foot care and therapy. Dr. Paul Klein is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot disorders.

Facts about physical therapy

  • Physical therapy is the best way to speed up the period of recovery for athletes who want to go back to the field at the soonest possible time.
  • It has been proven to be effective for millions of people already.
  • There are professional physical therapists that are well-trained to help athletes and non-athletic people alike to return to their healthy form from any injuries.
  • It is an evidence-based practice that gives a lot of benefits.

Procedure during physical therapy

Once you undergo physical therapy, it requires an organized and systematic training to get yourself back in proper form. Training can sometimes be difficult, especially when you are just starting and the pain is still intense and the foot feels a bit awkward. You can alleviate this by:

  1. Basic twitching and stretching exercises that helps in improving your foot mobility and flexibility.
  2. The injured area will be activated and the muscles relaxed through massage by a well-trained therapist.
  3. Strengthening exercises will be given eventually so that the affected area is exercised.

With the extensive and ongoing advancements in muscles and joints’ knowledge, physical therapists and the help of a podiatrist can best help athletes to return to their beloved sports at the soonest possible time with good and healthy feet. At North Jersey Podiatry located in Wayne N.J., we specialize in helping people with foot disorders.  To schedule an appointment call (973) 595-1555.