Flip-flops have always been a fashion staple. Light, comfortable and can be paired with almost everything. It allows your feet to breathe and provides unlimited freedom of movement. But these too can have possible side effects on your foot’s health. To understand better the relationship of foot wear and our feet, consult a podiatrist Dr. Paul Klein is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot disorders.

Below are the possible downsides of wearing flip-flops.

1.       It creates lower body problems in the long run. This is because people wearing flip-flops walk differently when compared to other foot wears like sneakers. One’s natural gait changes if she wears flip-flops too often and creates stress in various parts of the body as it hinders the body’s natural posture. Arches and balls of the feet are also affected by wearing flip-flops as they provide little or no support to such areas.

2.       Ankle sprains and blisters may develop too. Flip-flops are manufactured using bendable and flexible materials. Such materials will make their wearers susceptible to tripping and ankle injuries. Blister formation may also be present if the material rubs against your feet.

3.       Infection is high risk because flip-flops are open. It is also easier for flip-flops to cut, scrape or even wound their foot because of its lack of protection. Should these cuts are left untreated, there will be greater risks.

Tips in choosing flip-flops

Buy a pair of flip-flops that provide significant protection to your feet.

Soles should be sturdy and firm. Do not buy flip-flops that are floppy and those that bend or wiggle significantly when lifted from the ground.

It is best to purchase a branded flip-flop because they are made of high-quality materials. Despite being expensive, it will last longer and gives you a better protection when compared to those being sold at a lesser price.

Flip flops should be replaced in every 3-4 months to make sure that it gives your feet the maximum protection. At North Jersey Podiatry located in Wayne N.J., we specialize in helping people with foot disorders.  To schedule an appointment call (973) 595-1555.