When you are experiencing a foot problem, you want relief from pain and to be able to get back to your regular routine as soon as possible. At North Jersey Podiatry we share your goals! By taking a little time to prepare for your appointment you can help our podiatrist, Dr. Paul Klein, arrive at a prompt and accurate diagnosis and the best treatment solution for you.

Answers Please

There’s certain information that the foot doctor will want to know in order to assess your condition. It’s best to go into the office when your foot is hurting (don’t wait until the pain is gone and then go in). Be ready to answer the following questions. The more specific answers you can give, the easier it will be to track down the cause of your foot pain.

  • How would you describe the pain (aching, stabbing, dull, sharp)?
  • When does it hurt (continually, off and on, first thing in the morning)?
  • Can you show exactly on your foot where the pain is?
  • How long has it been since you first noticed the pain?
  • Have you ever had it before and if so were you treated?
  • Did it come on gradually or all of the sudden?
  • Is there anything that makes the discomfort worse (cold weather, exercise, sitting for long periods of time)?

You should also be prepared to give the foot doctor a complete medical history. Many conditions have a genetic component so your history is important. In addition, the foot doctor may want to see the shoes that your feet seem to hurt the most in. If the pain is the same no matter what footwear you have on, then wear or bring in the shoes you wear most often. Sometimes a particular shoe style may be part of the problem or your shoes’ wear patterns may reveal clues the doctor can use to analyze your condition.

Being prepared can make your foot appointment more productive, but even if your complaint seems hard to pin down you should still contact our Wayne, NJ office sooner rather than later by calling: 973-595-1555. Together, we’ll get to the source of your discomfort and put you on the road to recovery.