An essential part of foot care is wearing appropriate foot wear. This goes beyond wearing the right shoes size. Your shoes should also take into account your foot structure and the type of activity. Wearing sandals in public showers for example protects your feet from coming in contact with infection. Another example is wearing running shoes that help absorb the impact of your feet pounding against the ground. Dr. Paul Klein is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people suffering from foot disorders and choosing the correct footwear..

Go for Comfort

Shoes are an essential part of our everyday wardrobe. But if this is something that you would be wearing often then choosing comfort over style is the better choice. A quick look into your lifestyle will give you valuable insight into what type of footwear to use.

Flat Feet and High Arches

Make a quick assessment if you have flat feet or a high arch by doing this simple test. Get your feet wet and stand on a piece of paper. Check the silhouette or foot print left on the paper. If the footprint leaves an impression with your middle feet clearly visible then this indicates a flat foot. If a thin line connecting the ball of the foot to the heel is visible, then it can indicate a high arch.

Wearing the Right Shoes for and High Arches

Wear shoes that take into account your foot structure. This does not only mean wearing the right shoe size but shoes that provide additional support for flat foot or high arches. Flat foot sufferers should opt for inserts that give additional support to the middle of the feet. People with a high arch on the other hand should go for slightly elevated heels and good arch support. If you have questions visit a podiatrist. Dr. Name is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot disorders and injuries.

Shoe Equipment

Choosing the right sport equipment involves choosing which shoe works best in enhancing performance. Sports shoes are designed to provide optimum support for specific sport activities. Running shoes for marathons and basketball shoes for cushioning the impact of jumps and running across the court.

Give your feet a breather from high heels

Proper foot care does not prevent us from wearing high heels. It only asks us to avoid wearing high heels constantly for long periods of time.  Turning it down a few inches helps decrease the pressure of our weight bearing down on our heels and feet.

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