At North Jersey Podiatry, when summer starts and feet come out of boots and closed shoes, we often see patients with a host of foot irregularities that they didn’t notice during the winter months. Now is the time to check your feet and discover any abnormalities that may signal a foot disorder. Diagnosing and treating these issues now will ensure that your feet are ready for sandals and summer shoes when the season does—eventually—arrive! Below are 5 of the most common conditions that can be initially spotted by eye:

  1. Bunion—when you stand with your feet together and look down, do you notice a bump sticking out of the side of your big toe? This could be a bunion forming. Bunions are caused by biomechanical dysfunction in the foot and can be aggravated by the type of shoes you wear. Although progressive, early detection allows the foot doctor to make modifications to footwear to slow the progression and prevent it from becoming painful and debilitating.
  2. Hammertoe—this is another type of toe deformity that is apparent by its namesake appearance of one of your toes bending downward like a hammer. It can be caused by a muscle imbalance or a neurological disorder. Hammertoes that are not corrected can have corns and calluses form on them due to pressure and friction from rubbing up against the front of your shoes.
  3. Skin Cancer—dark spots or freckles on your feet, especially those with irregular borders, mottled colors or any you notice have changed in appearance should be checked by the podiatrist. Don’t forget to look between your toes as well. The skin on your feet is just as susceptible to skin cancer as the rest of your body.
  4. Warts—these are often undetected until they grow large enough to cause pain. Look on the soles of your feet for raised, fleshy bumps with tiny black pin points in the center. There are other types of warts that are flat and smooth.
  5. Athlete’s foot—dry flaky skin may not seem all that unusual in the winter but when it’s red and very itchy, there is the possibility that you have athlete’s foot. This fungal infection can thrive in dark, sweaty shoes and socks.

If you detect any of the above symptoms or anything else that seems unusual about your feet, make an appointment at our Wayne, New Jersey office so that podiatrist Dr. Paul G. Klein can evaluate your feet and determine the appropriate treatment to get your feet healthy and beautiful in time for summer sandals.