Colin Cowie, renowned event planner and host of Getting Married is used to focusing on all things  beautiful for his audience but a few years back, he had to confront something quite ugly—melanoma. During a routine checkup with his dermatologist, a small, dark mole was discovered between his toes. A biopsy revealed melanoma. Cowie was fortunate because his melanoma was caught in the early stages when this form of skin cancer is very curable. Oftentimes melanomas on the feet are not diagnosed until they are in an advanced stage because patients are not in the habit of checking their feet the way they do the rest of their body. May is Melanoma Awareness Month and we at  Paul Klein, DPM FACFAS want our patients to be informed about how to identify potentially dangerous moles.

Know Your ABCDE’s

Get in the habit of checking the skin on your feet (as well as the rest of you body) monthly. Look over your entire foot and ankle, including between your toes. Inspecting the skin on your feet regularly will make it easier to spot changes. Use these guidelines:

A-Asymmetrical—look for any moles or growths on your feet that are asymmetrical in shape and appearance

B-Border—borders that are irregular are more likely to be melanoma

C-Color—multiple colors in one mole are of greater concern

D-Diameter—dangerous moles are likely to have a diameter that is larger than that of a pencil eraser

E-Evolved—note if the mole has changed and particularly if it appears bigger or thicker than the last time you examined your skin.

If you notice any of the above or you just see something unusual on the skin of your feet, contact our Wayne office by calling 973-595-1555. Our podiatrist, Dr. Paul G. Klein, will want to examine your feet and will determine if the spot you are concerned about needs further testing and evaluation.