Walking is one of the best and easiest exercises you can do. It doesn’t cost anything (other than a good pair of walking shoes, see below) and you can do it practically anywhere, indoors or out, with friends or on your own. It’s also good for your heart and so, in honor of American Heart Month, we at Paul Klein, DPM FACFAS would like to offer some tips on getting the best walking shoe for you:

  1. Start with a podiatric checkup–when you come into our Wayne office for an evaluation our podiatrist, Dr. Paul Klein can reveal information about your feet that will impact your shoes choice. Do tend to overpronate (roll your feet inward)? You may need a walking shoe with above average arch support. The foot doctor will want to know about any previous injuries and also present foot conditions and can make suggestions that will protect vulnerable areas.  The podiatrist may prescribe an orthotic insert to correct the position of your foot when you walk or take pressure off of a particular area.
  2. Go Pro–at an athletic footwear store, you can get your feet professionally measured and learn about different types of walking shoes. Many have treadmills or other ways of evaluating your feet and helping you find the best shoe for you.
  3. Heel fit/toe fit—the heel of a good walking shoe should be snug but the toe box should be roomy with plenty of wiggle room.
  4. The right socks—wear the socks that you plan to wear for walking when you go to try on shoes. This will ensure a better fit.
  5. Let it breathe—choose a shoe made of a breathable material to allow for good air circulation around your foot. This can reduce the chances of getting athlete’s foot or a fungal nail infection.
  6. Take a walk—before you leave the store, take several minutes to walk around the store and be sure the shoes don’t rub or put pressure on any part of your foot.

Once you start walking, if you feel any pain, contact us at 973-595-1555 as soon as possible. Protect your feet and your heart with a regular walking routine.