It’s nearly time for Halloween and that means you’ll be seeing lots of frightening costumes, spooky movies, and creepy costumes. At North Jersey Podiatry, one thing we believe should not be scary, however, is visiting the podiatrist. One of the scenarios we find most disheartening is when a patient has put off seeking evaluation of a foot or ankle problem and it has now become much worse than it should be. A few facts may help alleviate some of the more common fears:


Sometimes patients are embarrassed by a foot or toe problem. Athlete’s foot that’s scaly and oozing or a toe that’s bent in an awkward way are all issues our podiatrist, Dr. Paul G. Klein, has seen and dealt with before. Other times misconceptions such as “the podiatrist will think I don’t have good hygiene because I have warts,” stop patients from making the appointment. Relax! Our office is a “no judgment” zone. Our goal is to diagnose your problem and help you get it cleared up as quickly as possible. If there are ways that you can prevent future problems, even if they deal with sensitive subjects like weight or hygiene habits, you can be assured the foot doctor only wants to pass on the information to help you be proactive about your foot health.


A major fear patients have about seeking care, particularly for conditions that are already painful like arthritis or an ingrown toenail, is that the treatment will cause more pain. In every instance, our goal will be your comfort. In many cases, it’s possible to numb the painful area before treatment. Be honest with the podiatrist about the level of pain you are experiencing and your fears and he will do his very best to make your treatment as comfortable and painless as possible. The good news is you’ll more than likely be in less pain once you receive treatment for your condition.

Being Sidelined

“I’m too busy to be laid up,” is another common concern we hear from patients. Most of the time, not getting treated is more likely to cause you to be laid up and for a longer period of time than getting a foot problem evaluated promptly. Many conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and bunions, can be treated with conservative measures that allow you to continue to lead an active life if they are diagnosed early on.

What are you afraid of? We promise the foot or ankle discomfort you are feeling is more frightening than coming into our Wayne, New Jersey office. Contact us for an appointment today by calling: (973) 595-1555.