We’ve all had those days—you’re on your feet from the moment you wake up, maybe a mammoth shopping spree at the mall or working on a special project or even sight-seeing. It’s no surprise at these times that your feet feel like they’re on fire when you finally sit down and take your shoes off. But what about when you notice that you experience a burning sensation in your feet on a fairly consistent basis, even when you don’t feel that you’re putting any real stress on them? At Paul Klein, DPM FACFAS when patients come to us with this complaint we need to first track down the cause of the burning sensation before we can determine the best course of treatment.

There are several possible reasons you may be experiencing burning, including:

  1. Age—patients over the age of 50 more frequently experience burning in their feet
  2. Nerve problems—many times sensation is connected to nerves. Conditions such as Neuromas and tarsal tunnel syndrome where nerves are being compressed or pinched may produce tingling, burning, or a pins and needles type sensation.
  3. Neuropathy—this refers to damage to the nerves which can produce the same symptoms as nerve problems. Diabetic patients and those who overuse alcohol (which contains the substance ethanol, known to damage nerve tissue) are prone to neuropathy.
  4. Thyroid dysfunction
  5. Obesity which results in gastric restriction
  6. Fungal infectionathlete’s foot and other fungal infections can result in a burning skin rash

Cooling Your Feet

It’s important to have our podiatrist, Dr. Paul G. Klein, examine your feet and find out what’s causing the burning sensation. Medications, physical therapy and custom orthotics are all possible solutions depending on the underlying condition causing the pain.

There are also some simple ways you can help relieve burning feet:

  • Take cooling foot baths daily
  • Be sure that your shoes fit properly and provide good support
  • Choose cotton socks over ones made of synthetic materials to help with air flow and breathability
  • Avoid standing for many hours at once

A burning sensation may point to a serious condition that can affect more than just your feet. Contact our Wayne office for an appointment by calling: 973-595-1555 and get to the bottom of burning feet.