This month we recognize “I Love My Feet Day” on August 17th and here at North Jersey Podiatry, we want to get that party started early with these 5 ways to do something good for your feet:

1.     Be faithful to a foot care regimen. You don’t have to invest a lot of time in foot care but following a few simple steps can go a long way toward preventing problems. These should include:

  • Washing feet with mild soap daily and drying completely. Be extra diligent with the skin between your toes—that’s where athlete’s foot usually starts.
  • Trim toenails straight across and not too short. This will discourage ingrown toenails.
  • Use foot powder if your feet sweat profusely and a good moisturizer at night.
  • Inspect your feet regularly and report any abnormalities to our podiatrist, Dr. Paul G. Klein, promptly.

2.     Spend less time in flip-flops. Flip-flops are great for helping prevent fungal and bacterial infections when you wear them at the pool or in beach restrooms and changing areas. As primary footwear, however, they can cause arch and heel pain and injuries ranging from cuts to ankle sprains due to the lack of support and protection for your feet.

3.     Get rid of shoes that hurt. Shoes that cause foot pain are not worth wearing. Whether it’s those high heels that pinch your toes or the sneakers that are comfy but worn out and no longer support the arch of your foot, you’re inviting chronic disorders such as plantar fasciitis and bunions by continuing to wear them.

4.     Treat your feet to a massage. Not only does a foot massage feel great, it improves circulation and relieves soreness. It can also help prevent foot injuries by improving flexibility.

5.    Get foot pain checked out promptly. Putting off a podiatric checkup when your feet or ankles hurt is likely to result in a worsening of your condition which can lead to greater disability and longer recovery times. If you are experiencing any lower extremity discomfort, contact our Wayne, New Jersey office today by calling: (973) 595-1555.