With the winter season comes a host of cold weather sports: skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and sledding. At Paul Klein, DPM, FACFAS we want our patients to have fun this winter but to also keep your feet and ankles safe. Below are some tips to help you enjoy winter sports without injury:

  1. Warm up. If it’s been a whole year since you participated in winter sports and/or if you are not generally active and do not exercise, be sure to do some stretching and strengthening exercises for a few weeks before starting up your sport again. You should also take the time to stretch before and after winter activities.
  2. Equipment check. Whether you own or rent skates and skis, be sure to inspect equipment before use to make sure it is not damaged or worn out. Also, it’s essential that boots and skates fit properly or you will be at risk for blisters and more serious injuries. Lace up footwear properly to provide correct ankle support. If you suffer from Haglund’s deformity (pump bump) you may need to ask the podiatrist for special padding to prevent irritation from stiff back skates and boots.
  3. Stay dry. Wear socks that wick moisture away from your feet and use multiple layers if you need to for warmth. Once you perceive socks are damp it’s important to change them. Not only will this help keep feet warmer, it will also reduce the risk of fungal infections which thrive in dark, moist places.
  4. Get checked. If you do hurt your foot or ankle, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Our podiatrist, Dr. Paul G. Klein, will want to examine your foot and determine if there has been any injury and prescribe the correct treatment. It’s essential that you follow the foot doctor’s instructions and rest your foot or ankle if necessary to give it time to heal. Foot and ankle injuries that are not fully rehabilitated can lead to long term disability such as arthritis and chronically weak ankles. To make an appointment at our Wayne office in New Jersey, call us at: 973-595-1555.