If you have a toe that’s hurting, you’ve probably noticed the big impact these little digits can make in your ability to stand and walk comfortably. At Paul Klein, DPM FACFAS we treat patients with toe pain that comes from a wide variety of causes. If your toe or toes are bothering you, it’s essential that you make an appointment at our Wayne, NJ office to get it checked out. Our podiatrist, Dr. Paul G. Klein, will examine your toes and find the source of the problem. Treatment options will depend on the diagnosis and also the severity of the problem. Some conditions can only be corrected by surgery, while others can be treated by conservative methods. Below are 4 common causes of toe trouble:

  1. Gout—if you are experiencing severe pain and throbbing in the joint of your big toe, especially if it hurts enough to wake you up in the middle of the night, you may be having an attack of gout. Gout is a form of arthritis that occurs when there is an excess amount of uric acid in the body that crystallizes in the toe joint.
  2. Hammertoe—in patients with hammertoe, one or more toes begins to curl under, resulting in a hammer-like appearance. This condition can be inherited or caused by a muscle imbalance or arthritis. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is very important because hammertoes may start out flexible but can progress to a rigid state where the toe cannot be unbent.
  3. Turf toe—this is a toe sprain injury frequently seen in athletes that play on an artificial turf fields, which can cause the foot to stop short and jam the toe while the momentum of the body carries it forward. Turf toe can be the result of a sudden, acute injury or due to overuse from  repetitive pushing off motions.
  4. Bunions—when the bone at the base of the toe begins to move out of place or becomes misaligned, a bunion begins to form. Although you probably most often associate bunions with the big toe, they can also occur on the pinky toe. You may experience pain or discomfort as the bone shifts even before you see the telltale bump on the side of the foot.

The bottom line is, all toe problems can lead to disability and without prompt treatment will only get worse. So, if you are experiencing any pain in your toes, contact us at Paul Klein, DPM FACFAS as soon as possible by calling: 973-595-1555.