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Nerve pain may be present in the foot as a result of damage or malfunction within the actual nerve or from pressure on the nerve as a result of another condition. Many different foot conditions, including hammertoes, bunions, corns, tumors and tarsal tunnel syndrome, may place pressure on nearby nerves and, as a result, lead to pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the affected area.

Treatment for nerve pain often involves correction of the underlying condition, which may involve anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections, electrical stimulation or surgery for severe conditions. Most patients benefit from a combination of treatments in order to achieve effective pain relief.

Nerve Injury Treatment Options

Nerve injuries to the lower extremity (foot, ankle and lower leg) are common problems frequently misdiagnosed and mistreated. The following information is intended to educate and guide you through these misunderstood problems.

Nerve Surgery Patient


Dr. Klein! We are back from a two week vacation at the Jersey Shore. We go every year but this year was special as I was able to walk the beach and enjoy the walks that are an essential part of my Shore experience. Last year I was unable to take the walks due to pain in my right leg and foot.

I came to you in 2012 with a diagnosis of Mortons Neuroma after another Podiatrist had determined that I needed surgery as PT has failed to remedy my foot-pain. That doctor refused to do the surgery as I was a high risk of complications due to RSD. You did the surgery and I went on my way with my foot restored.
During the Fall of 2013 I again developed pain in my right foot and leg. I held off seeking help as I assumed it was RSD and I did not want to deal with it. By April 2014 the pain was so severe that I returned to your office for an opinion. You diagnosed compression of the peroneal nerve in 4 different areas of the right foot and leg and recommended surgery to release the compressions.

I have always believed in second opinions and went to my pain doctor who did not disagree with the diagnosis but recommended that I seek a neurological opinion.. I first saw a podiatrist who agreed with the diagnosis but also recommended that I see a neurologist to rule out possible hip / low back involvement. I saw a neurologist who examined me, did EMGs that CONFIRMED peroneal compression, yet wrote a prescription for PT suggesting possible periformis problems. At this point I was barely walking but reluctantly went through the PT.
I am sorry that I did the PT against my better judgement. It killed time, did nothing to alleviate the foot / leg problem and merely confirmed what I already knew - that I have considerable adhesions in my trunk caused by multiple surgeries - and it sometimes affects my right hip.
By late summer I was unable to take walks and go to my yoga class due to the right foot / leg pain. I returned to your office in August and we scheduled surgery for early September.
By December I was able to take my walks and do yoga. It is wonderful to have my 69 year old foot back and I am grateful to you for your skills and faith in me as a patient. I come to the table with considerable medical challenges.
This became a long “thank you” but I wanted to express my gratitude.
— Kari Fraas Brescher